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Behind the scenes: Kantola’s latest training video shoot

by Kantola Training


At Kantola, we regularly update our online harassment prevention courses to be fresh, innovative and 100% compliant. We do that with the highest quality video productions, new storylines, and the kind of creative approach you’d find on a high-tech indie film set.

We thought you might like to get a glimpse of that process in action. So, we talked with Kantola’s Ahmed Sheshtawy, course developer and video tech extraordinaire about his recent experience working with a talented crew of over 25 people at Kantola’s latest video shoot in Los Angeles.

Natasha Nicholson: What does it take to create just one scene for a video shoot?

Ahmed Sheshtawy: A lot! To produce a high-quality training video, the work that goes into just one scene is very much like what you’d find on a Hollywood movie set: lights, decor, sound, cameras—and of course actors, scriptwriters, directors and the crew. We’re all involved in striking that perfect balance that you need to develop an impactful scene.

NN: What was different or surprising about this particular video shoot?

AS: On some projects, only two cameras are used, but here we used three of them. The advantage was that we didn’t have to redo the scenes as many times. We were able to simultaneously capture multiple angles, which was a huge advantage. And part of our work for this particular video included filming in multiple locations, including at a private airport and plane hangar, which made for some amazing footage but also presented us with some interesting noise challenges, as you might imagine!

I love to solve puzzles and find solutions to tech challenges And of course, probably the biggest reward is the final product and what we accomplish together.
Ahmed Sheshtawy

NN: Did you make any new discoveries?

AS: Yes! We had some interesting “firsts.” I was able to create a situation where we had several Zoom streams happening at the same time so that people who were back at the office, in our “remote village,” were able to see exactly what we were seeing. They saw multiple angles, different color iterations and had a moment-by-moment experience, just as though they were right there on set with us. It’s one of those things we did as a result of COVID, but because it adds so much to the process, it’s now a regular part of our work. 

Something else totally new was that I started cutting one scene together, right there live, testing the colors and looking at audio corrections. The thing is that this is not usually done live because it can take days to get right. But having something so immediate was really helpful for the team. It’s valuable to see what your production is going to look like before you even leave the set. Our director said he had never seen that be done on set before.

Oh and here’s something fun. I had never flown a drone inside before. Outside is one thing, but inside is a whole other story. After all, it is a flying object that could pose a safety hazard. So, you have to be very careful. Basically, every time we’re on set we learn something new.

NN: What did you find most rewarding?

AS: The rewards are limitless! I love to solve puzzles and find solutions to tech challenges. I get plenty of opportunities to do that. And of course, probably the biggest reward is the final product and what we accomplish together. With this content, while we’re producing a training video, we’re also taking in some incredible learning points at the same time.

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