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Study points to ways to build buy-in for DEI initiatives

by Kantola Training

The need for companies to take on diversity, equity, and inclusion programs is at a critical juncture. A recent study of 500 organizations from the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship shows that we are at an inflection point. The combination of the unequal effects of the COVID pandemic, the public push for racial and social justice, and growing income inequality in the U.S. has made this the year to take action.

But where to start? And how do you get companywide buy-in for DEI initiatives?

This study’s executive summary includes “conversation starters” and guidance for taking practical, immediate action to get started on—or ramp up—DEI initiatives in every corner of your company.

One tip: To create buy-in, tie DEI to accomplishing the team’s most pressing goals. For example, emphasize that companies with effective DEI programs are preferred by a wider pool of talent, making it easier for HR to find the right candidates.

As the study’s executive summary says, “We can also look inward and examine every aspect of our programs—from compensation practices, to how we develop staff, to how we prioritize social issues, to how we structure our team activities—and ask ourselves whether we are doing everything we can to make every person feel included and valued, and to allow them to achieve and contribute to their full potential.”

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