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6 steps to creating inclusivity in the hybrid workplace

by Natasha Nicholson
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The rise of the hybrid workplace offers an opportunity for organizations to recommit to an inclusive work environment and address the special challenges that this new workplace model may pose. This article offers guidance to help you put the focus on inclusivity and equity to make the most of your hybrid workplace model.

After more than a year of working remotely because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are returning to offices, either full time or for a few days a week, leading to a rise in hybrid workplaces that are simultaneously in-person and remote. This creates both opportunities and challenges.

While it’s become clear employees value a more flexible work environment, there are indications that many managers are placing higher-value on in-person interactions. The key for the hybrid environment to work is to strike a balance where everyone can feel understood, included and valued.

Employees need to feel included and valued

With a combination of remote and in-person employees in the mix, companies need to proactively make sure everyone has equal opportunities for advancement, including fairness in evaluations and promotions. And that feeling of inclusion and a sense of belonging is key to not only engaging your employees, but also in keeping them on board. According to research from McKinsey, employees who feel included are three times more likely to report being excited about working for their organization and committed to its success. Another McKinsey report, focusing on attrition, shows that employees primarily leave companies because they don’t feel valued or don’t have a sense of belonging.

As pandemic restrictions ease, it’s clear that one big change to the way we work is here to stay: hybrid working. However, these environments run the risk of creating new inequities and exacerbating those that already exist.

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