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Great Resignation 101: A conversation with Kantola’s CEO

by Kantola Training

An acute labor shortage, a scarcity of skilled talent to meet the demands of the future, along with an unprecedented exodus of labor, dubbed the “Great Resignation,” has made 2022 a year where recruitment and retention require a new focus and approach. The solution? It begins and ends with your company culture.

Join Kantola’s Content Manager, Veronica Bocian, as she sits down with Kantola’s CEO, Sarah Rowell, to discuss strategies for reshaping your organizational culture to help attract and retain talent.

In this podcast you will learn:

  • What is driving the Great Resignation
  • Why are people leaving and what will make them stay
  • Strategies for creating a work culture that will attract and retain talent

Sarah Rowell is the CEO of Kantola Training Solutions, an innovative eLearning company focused on Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion and Harassment Prevention training solutions. Prior to leading Kantola, Sarah ran multiple mission-driven businesses in East Africa, spanning solar power generation to rural telecom distribution. She started her career with Boston Consulting Group in both Europe and the U.S. and earned her MBA from Stanford’s Graduate School of Business in 2004. and B.A. and M.A. in Economics from Trinity College in Ireland. 

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