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The Great Reshuffle: A guide for building an inclusive culture

by Kantola Training

Are you struggling to address talent scarcity and turnover caused by the Great Resignation? You are not alone.

This guide explains why the Great Resignation can more accurately be described as the Great Reshuffle and offers guidance on how companies can implement solutions to the issues behind this growing phenomenon. With a focus on building a more inclusive culture, you’ll get an overview of why people are leaving your organization and get actionable insights into what changes you need to make for them to stay.

With this guidance, you will be able to get the tools and strategies you need to help create a culture that retains your current employees and serves to attract new talent.

The guide will outline:

✔ Why a healthy work environment where diversity, equity and inclusion are valued is a baseline for culture change

✔ How cultivating a “learner mindset” is a key ingredient for making transformative change

✔ A detailed three-part framework to help activate all parts of your organization to create a workplace culture that is not only inclusive but also diverse and equitable.

✔ Seven ways that you can adjust your processes to be more inclusive, ultimately making your organization more competitive in today’s evolving business environment.


Are you ready to create transformative change and give your company the competitive advantage?

Download our guide today!

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